7 Quick Takes v.6

Dropping in for some quick rambling thoughts and linking up with SQT. Does anyone write really awesome posts in their head at really inconvenient times? I do my best writing in my head while I'm driving. If I'm lucky I'll remember one or two things to actually write down afterwards. Of course, I always sound… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes v.6

Quick! Recap *ALL the things*

First, in case you don't get the reference. Go here: Hyperbole and a Half Well as usual, this summer is flying flew by. We got back from vacation last week six weeks ago and it immediately became crunch time. I've started several different posts with updates on the various things we've been up to over the past… Continue reading Quick! Recap *ALL the things*

Andy and the Summer Pantry Upgrade Crusade

This summer, I decided to refinish our pantry/cupboard.  It is an heirloom, passed down from Sarah's parents; her Dad had constructed it many, many years ago.  We currently use it to store our cookbooks and serving-ware.  Over time, the heritage piece has taken some abuse: scuffs, crayon marks, stab wounds that Sarah insists come from… Continue reading Andy and the Summer Pantry Upgrade Crusade

Another thing to ponder…

Today Stand True released the application for their 2011 Summer Mission Trip.  Considering that I'm the President of W&M's pro-life group, you might have guessed that I am pro-life, and that it is a cause that I am dedicated to fighting for. Stand True is a Christ centered pro-life group (they are not associated with… Continue reading Another thing to ponder…