Hillbilly Days Food Guide ’16

Well, the long awaited, much anticipated Hillbilly Days Food Guide is back! After the success of last year's food guide we were excited to get to 'Billy Days again and bring you a round up of the best food we could find! An important note before we start: $$$$  Either decide how much you are going… Continue reading Hillbilly Days Food Guide ’16

Hillbilly Days Food Guide ’15

Andy and I have only been in Pikeville for 2 years, so you might still call us Hillbilly Days novices. However, both years we have hit 'Billy Days hard. I might have mentioned before that our unofficial family motto is "Go Hard or Go Home". Anything we do, we tend to do it hardcore whether… Continue reading Hillbilly Days Food Guide ’15

Hillbilly Days, yes it is a real thing.

Our little corner of the world isn't known for much. (Well actually, I just thought of several things after I typed that...) If you were making a list of things that Eastern Kentucky is known for, here are some of the things that might be on the list... Coal Cut-Through Hatfield-McCoy Feud Medical School Snake Handling… Continue reading Hillbilly Days, yes it is a real thing.

Everyday Life in Pikeville: A Little Bit of Deja Vu

For the two weeks that we've been in Pikeville, our days have largely consisted of: Job Searching Unpacking and Organizing the House Making and Eating Really Good Food Going to the YMCA a lot Sometimes I feel a little like this: I've contemplated what I could write about to describe what it has been like… Continue reading Everyday Life in Pikeville: A Little Bit of Deja Vu