To hold my children

One of my favorite things to do is to hold my children. I often think about my failings as a mother. The times I’m just too lazy or tired to make a home-cooked meal, when I say no to reading just one more book, or whether or not I am using the right kind of…

To my Love, on our 5th Anniversary

My Love, It is easy to transport myself back, almost 10 years ago, to the BCM House. We met in the fall of Freshman year, but you were quiet, unassuming, and in the background. In the spring of Freshman year, I started to notice you and the more I noticed you, the more I wanted to…

My Life Currently: A Soundtrack

Right now we are in the middle of Andy’s away rotations, a.k.a. traveling around the country for several months to check out residencies. Today, Catherine and I drove home from visiting Andy for the weekend at one of those potential residency locations. We all know I do my best thinking in the car, so bam….

14 Things I Love About YOU

‘Tis the season of love, am I right? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I’d take a moment to spotlight my Valentine and why I love him so very much. He’s been the best supporter I could have asked for over the past year or so as we’ve made the transition to…


I’ve seen a lot of Moms do something called the 52 project where they post a picture of their child each week throughout the year. Well I like that idea but I know in reality it would probably just be week one for me. Instead I decided that one post a month would be more manageable….