A Post from Andy, for Once

Hello! Since the blog is entitled "Adventures of Our Own", I (with Sarah's encouragement) decided to write a post for myself.  The subject: the search for a medical school and how I decided on the University of Pikeville. For those who don't know, I began applying to medical schools over the summer.  In the fall, interview… Continue reading A Post from Andy, for Once

And Now We Proudly Present…

...a remodeled blog! It has been quite a while since this blog has received any TLC, with wedding planning and all. Speaking of said wedding, it happened! About a month ago. (See photo evidence below. :)) So, no longer will these posts just chronicle my adventures, but the exciting and wonderful adventures of the French… Continue reading And Now We Proudly Present…

Say What? Spring Break is a Week Away?

So, hello mid-semester. Where did you come from? After Andy & I got engaged 😀 I headed back to Wake Forest, and jumped right into a J-term class. Since then, things have been back to business as usual + wedding planning. I've got a lot going on this semester, but I'm enjoying all of it.… Continue reading Say What? Spring Break is a Week Away?

What I’ve learned so far in Seminary

This first semester at SEBTS has been filled with both blessing and challenge. But let's cut to the chase, here's what I've learned: I am broken and in need of repair. If I had to boil everything I've learned here so far down to one thing that would be it. Although I have come face… Continue reading What I’ve learned so far in Seminary