A Letter to Myself as a College Freshman

This semester I am teaching a section of First Year Studies at UPIKE. It is a class that is geared toward helping students transition from high school to college and helping them feel at home on campus. One of their first assignments is to write a letter to themselves that they will turn in this… Continue reading A Letter to Myself as a College Freshman

Paleo February: A Review and Reflections

Well, Paleo February is several weeks behind us now.  Non-Paleo (or possibly Anti-Paleo) March is well underway.  What did we think?  Did we love the experience?  Did it leave us bitter and scarred? We both agreed that it was good.  We picked up a few dietary insights that we will carry with us into the… Continue reading Paleo February: A Review and Reflections

If Our Walls Could Talk

So this installment of quotes just features Andy. I guess that's one of the luxuries of being the person who records the quotes... 😉 Andy: Good News! Sarah: What? Andy: I thought I had eaten all of the candy apple, but I realized that I dropped some of the candy coating on my pants! It's… Continue reading If Our Walls Could Talk

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are having a great day celebrating with people you love. Please enjoy reading our Christmas letter below. 🙂 Dear Family and Friends, Howdy from our little place amongst the hills and hollers of Pikeville, KY!  In this, the second annual French family holiday newsletter, we will regale you with tales of our… Continue reading Merry Christmas!