Black Forest Waffles

Although we are at the beginning of Paleo February in our house, the next couple of Saturday Morning Breakfast recipes will be from Paleo-Schamleo January. 😉 This particular Saturday we tried a recipe that we clipped from our favorite magazine, Taste of Home.  Once again, I modified the recipe when I began making it. The… Continue reading Black Forest Waffles

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are having a great day celebrating with people you love. Please enjoy reading our Christmas letter below. 🙂 Dear Family and Friends, Howdy from our little place amongst the hills and hollers of Pikeville, KY!  In this, the second annual French family holiday newsletter, we will regale you with tales of our… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

The Carrot Cake Palooza (or) Celebrating Chapter One: The Birth of a Genius

Yesterday was my birthday.  [As a note, "Chapter One: The Birth of a Genius" is a quote from the Winnie the Pooh movie, which we watched last week and thoroughly enjoyed, not me flaunting my vanity.]  Traditionally, I have a carrot cake to celebrate and Sarah generously agreed to carry on this ritual with me.… Continue reading The Carrot Cake Palooza (or) Celebrating Chapter One: The Birth of a Genius

The Countdown Is On…

{pretty} I'll state the obvious - the weather has been gorgeous here this week. Our office is being remodeled, so we have been moved into these little closet/office things until it is finished. I'll be thankful when I have windows in my office again. {happy} My parents came to visit last weekend and we camped with… Continue reading The Countdown Is On…


Today is Ash Wednesday.  Baptists, we're generally non-liturgical people. Well, we have liturgy, we just generally wouldn't call it that. Things like Lent and Ash Wednesday might get a passing mention, but they are generally approached with an observe-if-you-want type of attitude. Nevertheless, in the past few weeks, I've been thinking about the upcoming Lenten season. What… Continue reading Lent?