The one without Christmas decorations

I read something on Instagram recently that continues to stick with me (I would link it, but darn you Instagram algorithm, I can't find anything twice) - the poster had asked her pastor whether it was better to put up your Christmas decorations early or late in the Advent season and he asked, "Is doing… Continue reading The one without Christmas decorations

If Our Walls Could Talk

Time for another round of "If Our Walls Could Talk" which at this point would be more aptly named "Random Things Andy Says" but that's more fun anyway, right? A: What we really need to figure out is how to convince William & Mary that the child of two alumni should get free tuition. A:… Continue reading If Our Walls Could Talk

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are having a great day celebrating with people you love. Please enjoy reading our Christmas letter below. 🙂 Dear Family and Friends, Howdy from our little place amongst the hills and hollers of Pikeville, KY!  In this, the second annual French family holiday newsletter, we will regale you with tales of our… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: A New Blog Adventure

Over the past few weeks I've been thing about why I have a blog, should I have a blog, and what I should post on the blog. I read back through my archives (they aren't very long, so this wasn't a hard task) and noticed that my blog topics had made a general shift from… Continue reading Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: A New Blog Adventure

Christmas Around Our Home: 2012 Recap {Delightfully Tacky Edition}

Andy and I always enjoyed decorating my dorm room for Christmas. We both enjoy having a festive home for the holidays, so unlike some newly married couples who may only have a few decorations to put up their first Christmas, we had an explosion of decor. Most of the decor ended up in the living… Continue reading Christmas Around Our Home: 2012 Recap {Delightfully Tacky Edition}

There is No Christmas Without the Cross

When I sat down to finally flesh out this post, I decided to look back at what I had written previously about Christmas. It turns out that I wrote a post almost 2 years ago that is very similar to what I was planning on covering in this post. So, instead of being creative, I… Continue reading There is No Christmas Without the Cross