So your spouse is going to be an Intern…

Andy is officially an R2 (a.k.a. a second-year resident). Hallelujah! There are still more years to go, but there are more years of training behind us than ahead of us, which is a good feeling. Last year I was not looking forward to med school graduation. It sounds crazy, I know. Fellow medical spouse friends… Continue reading So your spouse is going to be an Intern…

5 Pieces of Advice for College Students

Recently, I started a new job at the university where I work. When we moved here, I was lucky enough to get a job in the IT department at the same school Andy is attending. Although my undergrad work is in Computer Science and I do love technology, long-term I wanted to do something that… Continue reading 5 Pieces of Advice for College Students

A Letter to Myself as a College Freshman

This semester I am teaching a section of First Year Studies at UPIKE. It is a class that is geared toward helping students transition from high school to college and helping them feel at home on campus. One of their first assignments is to write a letter to themselves that they will turn in this… Continue reading A Letter to Myself as a College Freshman

The Only Marriage Advice I Ever Give

I'm pretty tired so I'm going to keep tonight's post for my 7 posts in 7 days short, sweet, and coherent (hopefully). This post could be summarized with one word: Forgive. When Andy and I got married, we received lots of thoughtful cards full of well wishes and advice. One friend encouraged us to keep a… Continue reading The Only Marriage Advice I Ever Give