Merry Christmas! 2014

From Pikeville, we greet
To share life, poetry used
A great, joyful, year

2014 began, as the last year left off…
Andy, busy with his medical studies
Trying to learn it all with his Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine buddies
Sarah, double-loaded with online seminary and a job in University of Pikeville IT
Fixing computers by day, then coming home to study about the Almighty


DSC_0676They said (to us before we moved) mild was winter,
We, misled.
Cold, so cold.
Pipes, frozen for four days.
Water, taken from local YMCA.
Cars, twice stranded at top of driveway for a week
Unexpected snowfall, the cause.
Springtime, we longed to see.


March brought spring break, a trip to Colorado for a medical conference
Reunion with college friends and beautiful scenery, boons
April brought Pikeville’s Hillbilly Days, the second-largest festival in Kentucky
Fried food and folks from the hollers both abounded
May brought the end of the semester and a final summer vacation
Victorious over the first year of med school, Andy rejoiced


Though it was summer, She continued classes and career both
He performed biochemical analysis to maintain personal growth
The experience caused His interest in lab research to abate
In July, the couple took a brief trip to Virginia, the old home state
They then joined KYCOM and Sarah’s mom in the Dominican Republic for a medical mission
She did construction and Bible school; He just pretended to be a clinician
The team provided care to many who had no other choice
Being able to serve; a sure cause to rejoice


10703556_10152782391438688_7449147414656069766_nMedical school, the second year?
Begun like a gallant caterpillar, metamorphosed to new, more challenging flight

The most congenial task laid upon him?
Like Mr. Miyagi, as a teaching assistant to first-year students, he seeks to impart, if not proficiency, then at least familiarity

A noble office held?
President of the Student Advocate Association, she, like Gandhi, unites a people (students’ families) and brings hope to a nation (KYCOM students)
Adaptation of employment?
Reborn as a Student Success Advisor, she is to undergraduate students, as the earth’s magnetic field is to migrating birds, helping them find their way on a harrowing journey

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus with carols and trees (cookies, too)
Remember that He came because of His great love for you!
2015 brings clinical rotations, two brothers’ weddings, Sarah’s graduation in May
It seems there will be plenty to enjoy in our coming days!
Warm thoughts and love fill us when we think of you
Please drop by, should you ever pass through!

Much love,
Andy & Sarah French


See the 2013 Christmas Letter here.

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