The Gala Premiere of Paleo February – An Andy Post

November and December are wonderful months.  There is so much to love: family, holidays, vacation, food, pie, stuffing, corn pudding, food, sweet potato casserole, food.  I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.  Part-way through Christmas break, I began to suspect that our holiday eating patterns were unhealthy.  Not sure what tipped… Continue reading The Gala Premiere of Paleo February – An Andy Post

If Our Walls Could Talk

So this installment of quotes just features Andy. I guess that's one of the luxuries of being the person who records the quotes... 😉 Andy: Good News! Sarah: What? Andy: I thought I had eaten all of the candy apple, but I realized that I dropped some of the candy coating on my pants! It's… Continue reading If Our Walls Could Talk

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are having a great day celebrating with people you love. Please enjoy reading our Christmas letter below. 🙂 Dear Family and Friends, Howdy from our little place amongst the hills and hollers of Pikeville, KY!  In this, the second annual French family holiday newsletter, we will regale you with tales of our… Continue reading Merry Christmas!