Attempting a Digital Detox in a Virtual Culture

Limiting screen time. Digital detox. Going unplugged. All of these ideas are buzzing concepts at the moment and they sound really good. I think most adults are now aware of how easily screens, the internet, and social media can suck away your time and enjoyment of life. Studies show that social media use is linked… Continue reading Attempting a Digital Detox in a Virtual Culture

Hillbilly Days Food Guide ’15

Andy and I have only been in Pikeville for 2 years, so you might still call us Hillbilly Days novices. However, both years we have hit 'Billy Days hard. I might have mentioned before that our unofficial family motto is "Go Hard or Go Home". Anything we do, we tend to do it hardcore whether… Continue reading Hillbilly Days Food Guide ’15

Andy and the Summer Pantry Upgrade Crusade

This summer, I decided to refinish our pantry/cupboard.  It is an heirloom, passed down from Sarah's parents; her Dad had constructed it many, many years ago.  We currently use it to store our cookbooks and serving-ware.  Over time, the heritage piece has taken some abuse: scuffs, crayon marks, stab wounds that Sarah insists come from… Continue reading Andy and the Summer Pantry Upgrade Crusade

Wrangling the Cash Cow (or How I Manage Online Sales)

Sarah has been telling me for a while now that I ought to write a blog post on how I do my online sales.  She even suggested that it could be good advertising for my Ebay,, and Amazon accounts, and, now, Sarah's Ebay!  (Feel free to click on those hyperlinks and buy anything you want.  Lots… Continue reading Wrangling the Cash Cow (or How I Manage Online Sales)