Corona Log: Mundane is the new normal

Days since schools closed: 30

Days since I left the house to work: 25

Number of Sundays without being able to attend church in person: 4

I thought that I would remiss if I didn’t document this life in the time of coronavirus closings at least once on the blog. And I’m starting to lose track of the days so I wanted something to be able to look back on and have a count.

  1. Not going anywhere is starting to feel normal. Surprisingly, in 30 days, the kids haven’t asked to go anywhere.
  2. I was able to make some time for Bible study today which was nice.
  3. Workbooks are Catherine’s love language. Blankets and snacks are Theodore’s love language.
  4. If there is an original and a sequel of a movie, Catherine prefers the sequel and Theodore prefers the original.
  5. No one has been voted off the island yet. We’ll see what happens after the merge.
The kids held their own Easter egg hunt, subbing in Mrs. Potatohead parts for eggs.


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