I wrote this out on Facebook, then decided it deserved to be a blog post.

Theodore turned 1 1/2 on Wednesday. It is hard to believe that we are now on the downhill slope of one year old.

He is a happy little guy …as long as you keep him well fed. At times it seems as though he could eat forever, but mostly just fruit and cheese.

He lives for the attention of his sister who has recently shortened his name to “Feear” to make it easier to shout across the house. He seems to especially delight in having our whole family in the same place at the same time and has since he was a baby. Admittedly, it does not happen as often as he would like.

A good climber, he especially loves to scale the bathroom sink to turn on the water or the couch to stretch out over the cliff behind it to press the panic button on the security system.

He is just at the precipice of the “me do it” stage.

Whether it is because he is a boy or the second born or some other reason, he definitely has had more scrapes and bruises than Catherine did at this age. They don’t seem to bother him.

At the end of the day, he loves nothing more than to cuddle up with his blanket and suck his thumb. What I want to remember most is the weight of his little head on my shoulder. He walks up carrying his blanket, asks to get in my lap, and then leans in, resting his whole self onto yours.

Theodore David, we love you so. ❤

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