7 Quick Takes v. 7

  1. I have been slowly rearranging and decorating our house using the CoMi method by the Nester. You should get her book. Our current house is the biggest space I’ve ever had to decorate and arrange solo. When we moved in a year ago it felt overwhelming. Reading her book and using her method made it feel doable and has made a huge difference. All of our rooms aren’t 100% “done” but I finished the process of emptying the rooms and rearranging the furniture in every space this week. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes. I think one of the reasons our new house has taken a long time to feel like home is that it has taken so long to get our stuff put in places that are “their spot” as opposed to the places things have just been stuck while we are in survival mode. I want to write more of a post on it but haven’t. So, quick take it is.
  2. This post. This is the best post on body image I have ever read. Jen is the original of the real, authentic blogging world and she is an inspiration. But this post. So excellent. Just go read it now. 
  3. Turning off auto-play on Netflix. One of those game changers in limiting screen time for yourself and your kids. Actively pressing play each time you start a new episode helps to keep a check on just how long you’ve been watching. What I like it for most is that I can limit the kids to just watching one episode of something. With autoplay on, I either had to watch the TV and cut it off at just the right moment or let them watch more than one episode every time. Netflix makes it tricky to change this setting though. You have to switch your kids’ account back to a regular account in settings, turn off autoplay, and then turn it back into a kids’ account.
  4. I switched the blog name back to Adventures of Our Own. It just seems to fit better. For some reason I thought we were done with adventures so it needed a new name but I don’t think that’s true.
  5. I’m tired of being told that I have to fit into either a right-wing or left-wing box. I can care about the unborn, the refugees and the border, and be committed to a conservative view of orthodox Christianity. I think they all fit together seamlessly by the way.
  6. We haven’t found a food festival to review here yet. I think there’s still a Hillbilly Days size hole in our blog life at the moment. If you’re local to the Shenandoah Valley and you have some tips on food festivals, let us know!
  7. My meager blog goal this year is to simply write enough posts that all of the post on my home page are from 2019. I’m not totally sure if I’ll make it to be honest. lol.

1 thought on “7 Quick Takes v. 7”

  1. Adventures????? Our current adventure began 5 and a half years ago when we were only 75!!!!!!! So, you have some adventures to go Sarah and 3 (so far) great partners to share them with. God bless you all!
    Love you,
    Harriett and Del.

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