Summer kids

Each summer I find myself wanting to capture the moment, remembering my kids just as they are during the summer. It always seems like a time of transformation and maturing. For example, in this picture, Catherine looks like she’s 10. When did she get so big that her legs reach the glove box?


Catherine likes to check out the Olivia books from the library. Andy and I think they could be biographical at times. Here she is trying to recreate Olivia Forms a Band. Theodore decided to chime in. Our favorite line from the Olivia books is when her mother says, “Olivia, you really wear me out. But I love you anyways.” and Olivia says, “I love you anyways too.”


Generally, Catherine does not nap in the afternoon, but every once in a while you’ll find her asleep on her bean bag chair or the couch. Theodore doesn’t really know what to do when she’s asleep and he’s awake. He generally just keeps coming back to point and her and looks at me like, “Aren’t you going to do something?”


Catherine loves the playground. Especially the big playground. When it is crowded, Theodore likes to stay close to me and on this trip it took him about 30 minutes to work up his courage to go to the slide by himself. Just in time to head back home.


As usual, Andy spends many of his waking hours at work. We try to pop in to visit him when we can. On this particular day, Andy had texted me saying he was busy so we were just going to head home instead of stop in. Catherine insisted that we should drive by the hospital just in case. I almost didn’t do it, I know how these things normally go. But we didn’t have any plans so I decided to humor her, wondering if I would regret it. Just as we pulled in, Andy texted asking if we had left the area yet and said he had a break in his schedule. So we did get to see him after all. He seemed extra appreciative of that visit, maybe because the day had been so busy. Catherine was excited about the bug wall art.


A new summer addition: the Huggle pod or Snuggle pod as Catherine calls it.


I have the best conversations with Catherine when I actually get down on her level. Although it isn’t the most comfortable seat, sitting at the little table with her is always worth it.


Best day ever: The moms with toddlers parking spot at the grocery store was open and we got the pink cart. Theodore was careful to make sure he was moving the wheel any time the cart started moving.


Summer loves. <3.



2 thoughts on “Summer kids”

  1. Sarah…just in case I don’t always mention it…I so enjoy your posts and both Ernie and I love watching your sweet family grow.  Thank you for sharing them with us.  Say hello to Andy for us.  If you’re ever back in Wake Forest be sure to look us up.  We only live a couple of miles from the Seminary.  Hugs and blessings.

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