Preparation Day

And so it begins.

I was first introduced to Hillbilly Days by my co-workers in the IT department at UPIKE. I don’t remember the exact time, but knowing them they probably didn’t make it through the first work day without mentioning the glory and awesomeness that is Hillbilly Days. They were obsessed. They had a song. I was left wondering if it would live up to the hype.

Well, you know how it goes from there… Here I am 4 years later planning for our annual Hillbilly Days food review.

I think the anticipation is part of the magic. Our group chat was alive with scheming last night. Checking the maps and vendor lists to see if our favorites from years past will be here. The poorly drawn whiteboard map to identify the vendors we just have to see. Out of that, this annual food blog was born. Paleo-schmaleo, fried food extravaganza – we have found our calling.

Click here for maps and vendor lists 😉

Unfortunately this year, Andy is out of town for school so I am going solo for the food blog. Don’t worry! I take the responsibility very seriously and will do my best to give you a full report even as a one man team. There will be a new addition this year, and this is where I need YOUR help! I expect the food review to go live Friday morning, but I would also like to post a fan favorites food review on Friday night or Saturday morning.

So please submit photos of your favorite foods, which vendor it is at, and a quick sentence about why you love it on our facebook page! 🙂


Check out previous reviews: 2015 2016

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