Oh, hello.

Welcome to my stream of consciousness.

It has been a while since I’ve been in this space. There are a lot of reasons, really. Life is busy. I’m not making space to write. My priorities are different. But I think the biggest one is I just don’t know what to say and have so much to say all at the same time.

There are SO MANY important, pressing issues out there right now that I could write all day long and barely scratch the surface. I also know that there are many who could speak into those spaces with a smarter voice than mine.

I struggle, right now, in balancing time. How should I do that? There are big discussions that matter happening right now on a national stage. Where do I want to remember being in 30 years during them? But those big things can’t overwhelm the important things right in front of me. The important daily task of loving and raising my family.

I am comforted by the thought that Jesus spent 30 years living and working at home, with his family. As far as we know, living a regular life. When it was time for him to speak out, he changed the world. But until then, he was home working hard and loving his family and community. (At least, I’m making that assumption. A lazy man, disconnected from his family and community doesn’t exactly sound Christlike, or sinless… ;))

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