7 Quick Takes v.6

Dropping in for some quick rambling thoughts and linking up with SQT.

  1. Does anyone write really awesome posts in their head at really inconvenient times? I do my best writing in my head while I’m driving. If I’m lucky I’ll remember one or two things to actually write down afterwards. Of course, I always sound smarter when no one’s listening.
  2. Last summer we worked hard all summer long on home projects in a prepare-the-house-for-baby frenzy. This summer we knocked out our home projects, mostly landscaping, in the Spring. I’m not sure what Andy is going to do with himself. I’m sure he’ll find something. I have 2 house goals for the summer: declutter my office area and cultivate an intentional wardrobe. If I can get my act together, I might write a whole post about that but don’t count on it. 😉
  3. Working in a student oriented job at a university during the summer means that I’m knee-deep in orientation for the new freshmen. Which also means working Saturdays. Thankfully, Andy’s schedule is kind of light at the moment and he can cover the homefront with Catherine.
  4. Haley’s 10th Anniversary Party. Wow, I love this idea. I’ve always disliked the idea of your favorite and most expensive dress being worn once and then sitting in a box forever. So fun.
  5. I’m back on the Crowder bandwagon. It has been a long stated fact on this blog that I’m a serious Crowder fan. Click here. See? But after the David Crowder*Band disbanded it kind of hurt my feelings so like the adult I am, I ignored his new music and lived in the denial that the band was done. But a couple weeks ago I was picking out music for a youth retreat and decided to give him a listen again, and course I still love his music. One of my new favorites: click here
  6. A few weeks ago I signed on a Beautycounter consultant purely because I love their products and I wanted the discount but I’m kind of loving it. We’d generally fall a little bit short each month on the budget if we just had my salary #medschoollife #crazybigloans and I’m hoping this can be a fun way to balance the scale a little bit. We’ll see. Related med school humor: One night we were discussing our budget and Andy said, “Oh right, because normally I would have an income.” #truelife
  7. I’m teaching an undergradute class as an adjunct professor for the first time this fall. It is an opportunity that I’m really excited about but I also feel the gravity of the responsibility. The class is Intro to Christian Ethics and I want to teach the topic well and in a way that honors God. No pressure, right?
Bonus picture of our cutie. Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes v.6”

  1. Eeek…teaching a college class on christian ethics…wow…how exciting and scary and important! Congrats…I bet you will be awesome. I know you have great resources to pull from as you prepare

    1. I know, I really feel the weight and timeliness of the topic. I think that is partly because my SEBTS professor set such a high standard of comparison for me. If I am even half as good, I will be glad!

  2. If your “declutter my office” works, let me know what your key elements were. Love keeping in touch with many of you through FB. Really loving the growing list of new babies! Our love to Andy and Catherine!

    Harriett and Del.

    1. I will! Currently, step 1 has been remove everything from office. Step 2 (still to come) is sort through it and keep the necessary items. Love you both!

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