Here in My Arms

One of my favorite things to do is to hold Catherine while she sleeps. When I do, I often think, “I consider it the greatest privilege of my life just to hold you while you sleep.” After hearing that phrase over and over again in my head, I started wondering why holding my sweet sleeping babe evokes such a deep feeling.

Is it because when I look down and see her perfect little features, I know I am taking part in a rare moment of innocence? An innocence that will necessarily fade as the months become years and she grows into a beautiful woman. I feel keenly aware that these moments are fleeting and precious and I want to hold on to and cherish them forever.

Is it because when she falls asleep, I know it means she feels safe in my arms? It is so important to me that she knows that our home is always a safe place even when the world isn’t. Whatever the reason, I know I will always cherish the times when you snuggle in close, here in my arms. ❤

2 thoughts on “Here in My Arms”

  1. Those feelings also apply to fatherhood, as I can attest to that. Not only there, but it extends to grandchildren and I will soon be experiencing the next level with the October expectation of our 1st great grandchild. It just gets richer and richer as the years add up.
    What is simply amazing to me is that God could have people just appear on earth, fully grown and on their own, but he gives us this wondrous privilege of participating in procreation.
    Thanks be to Almighty God and his rich gifts to us, his children.
    Just had an amazing question– At times I have felt a wonderful peace or as I go through trials, does God have the same thoughts we do, that you have so beautifully written? I believe He does.

  2. That is a beautiful statement of motherhood. The delight of holding your baby while she is asleep is both of those things and so many more…precisely why it is so hard to putting all of the feelings of being a mother into mere words. You make a beautiful mother!

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