7 Quick Takes v.4

So I’ve been writing these quick takes for literally a month. That’s the status of my blog life right now. I should probably title these, “5 random things rattling around in my head plus 2 pictures so it equals 7.”

The homily at Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Funeral.
Wow. One of the most Gospel centered funeral messages I’ve ever heard. That first paragraph especially. I love it when people unashamedly proclaim the Gospel in an instance when it would be easy to gloss over it.

Politics: we went on vacation two weeks ago for Andy’s spring break and I didn’t pay attention to the US political scene at all while we were gone. Wow, what a nice break. Since we’ve been back I have no interest in getting back into it.

Here’s a short summary of my political interest this election cycle: Watched West Wing -> Naively optimistic about our government -> Very Engaged Voter -> Primaries become name calling blood bath -> Return to disenfranchised voter mode.

Looking snazzy at the banquet where Andy’s boss was installed as the President of the AAO. I’m totally counting this as quick take #3.

Speaking of trips, we have had the chance to enjoy some fun travel this spring. In February Catherine and I were able to go to Williamsburg (aka the motherland #harkuponthegale). Over Andy’s spring break, he attended the American Academy of Osteopathy’s annual Convocation in Orlando. We decided to go with him so he wouldn’t have to suffer alone and spend a few days at Disney World. If I can get my act together, I’m going to post some tips on taking your 6 month old to Disney.

Something I have been loving: Audrey Assad’s new album, Inheritance. Mostly her version of old hymns mixed with a couple of original songs. I just realized that her site describes it as a “soundtrack for prayer” which is exactly how I have been using it. She has some really great lyric videos for most of the album. Check them out below.

I’ve been in a phase where I feel like I have so many things in my personal life that need to improve; my eating, exercise, devotions, cleaning, etc. But it all seems so overwhelming. This article made it seem so much more achievable.

Catherine is big enough to ride on the mega 8 kid stroller at day care now and she is so proud. (This totally counts as #7).

And bam. 7 takes with only 2 picture cop outs. lol.
More quick takes at This Ain’t the Lyceum. 🙂

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