3 out of 12! I may make it through the whole year of posts after all. 🙂 We had a great month with our girl. She is just so much fun right now. Her smile and her squeal of delight bring so much joy to our home.

This month Catherine turned 6 months old and we couldn’t be happier to have had half a year with her. Here’s to many, many more half birthdays to come. One of the most common things said around our home these days is, “She’s just so cute I can hardly handle it!” You can see why, right?

She seems to have gotten a following on my private social media accounts of people who like seeing her Sunday outfits. I can’t really blame them. I’m not one to post pictures of my Sunday outfits, but maybe she can host a microfashion edition of What I Wore Sunday. 😉 Here she is in her Minnie Mouse dress on the day we checked in to Disney World.


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