Who else is surprised that I am actually getting in 2 posts in a series I started? Me! haha. I am a notorious series starter but not finisher. Good thing this girl is cute, it may help keep me motivated. Well the February picture was also an easy one.

I decided to do a photo shoot for her 5 month birthday/Valentine’s Day. Most of the pictures are not very good but out of the hundreds, we came away with this winner:


And once again, honorable mention or new thing experienced this month – the pool! Our girl hates (and I mean hates with a fiery passion) her bath so I wasn’t sure how this first pool experience was going to go. I was prepared for a very quick pool trip with lots of screaming but she loved it because clearly a pool is totally different than a bath. Go figure. At first she was very serious and clung to me like a tree frog, but after a few minutes she started splashing and even smiled. Still hates her bath though, what a little goober.


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