#5Faves: Political Links

Well, primary season is upon us once again and I say why can’t we have some fun during the political media barrage? I saw a few funny videos and a couple of serious articles that I loved this week so I thought I’d share. When I counted them up I realized that there were five so I decided to see when the Five Favorites link up is and ta-da, it is today! So, without further ado, here we go.

Five Indecision 2016 Favorites Around the Web
(in order from craziest to most serious)

  1. Vermin Supreme: This guy was a much needed laugh after all of the serious attack ad media. The only candidate with a zombie preparedness plan and FREE PONIES for every American! You have to watch. Trust me, it will bring a smile to your day.
  2. Candidates Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses: I loved that they actually used true to the books reasons for sorting each of the candidates. I must admit that I was sorted into Hufflepuff but my chosen candidate is in Gryffindor. (More on that in #5.)
  3. Trump Donald: If you need some quick stress relief, this is a good site to go to. Does anyone else want to see what his hair really looks like when it isn’t glued in place? Although I’m curious, I’m also scared to know how bad it actually is. Also, my favorite Donald Trump hair meme is below:
  4. How to Fix Washington: Elect Generation X: This article actually gave me hope about the future of American politics. I am hopeful that one day politicians can resume getting things done without abandoning their own differing viewpoints. (Paul Ryan 2020, anyone?)
  5. My Candidate – Marco Rubio: (Last but not least…) A few months ago I asked a friend why they were complaining about the candidate who got elected after the race instead of before and now that Donald Trump won the NH primary, I decided I need to take my own advice to heart. I don’t normally broadcast who I’m putting my support behind, but this election is a special case. (Seriously, Donald Trump?!)
    So, here it is – I’m backing Marco Rubio. He’s certainly not perfect and I don’t agree with him 100% but that’s where I’m planting my flag for the primaries. I think he is sensibly conservative, decently bipartisan, and genuinely cares about social issues. Where do you stand?

That’s all I’ve got this week, for more fun in the form of five favorite lists, head over to the Big White Farmhouse blog!


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