An Advent Prayer

Wow, Advent really caught me by surprise this year. I’ve been so consumed by the day to day lately that it is easy to lose track of the long game.

I love that there are seasons preceding the big Christian holidays to draw us out of our day to day and remind us to fix our eyes on the thing that matters most – our God.

Last year my Advent was filled with a simple, heartfelt, direct prayer.

Lord, please give us a child. 

And God is so so good.

This year as we begin our Advent celebrations as a family of three, I know that I need this time of preparation to refresh my soul. These past few months my attention has been elsewhere (and I think appropriately so) but now it is time for a reorientation.

It has been a really big year with lots of life changes and I need some intentional time to evaluate and seek God’s direction for my life. So I enter this Advent with another simple, heartfelt, direct prayer.

Lead me, Lord, and give me the courage to follow your direction.

What is on your heart during this Advent season?



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