Life Lately

Our life lately… in the form of 7 Quick Takes.

  1. Catherine turned 2! months old on Monday. Our life pretty much revolves around her now and we’ve never been happier. I mean, just look at that face:
  2. I am now back at work full time. I came back at the beginning of a busy season, and although tiring I think it is a good thing because I don’t have time to just sit around and think about not being with Catherine. And, well, it is also nice to have money to pay our bills.
  3. If you’ve ever been a working, breastfeeding mother, you should read this post. Even though I have a very supportive work environment, it is just so true to my situation right now. I even ordered the book. I’ve never been more convinced that the modern American working environment was designed by men than I have since returning to work. I’m just saying.
  4. In my very short tenure as a mother, I have come up with two rules for the modern mother: 1) Never ever even think about posting something about your child’s sleeping on social media. She will make even the hypothetical post a lie. 2) No online shopping while the baby is crying. You will purchase something ridiculous, unnecessary, or more than you need.
  5. A topic I’ve been thinking about: Voting as a Christian – are we obligated to vote? If so, who would Jesus vote for?
  6. One of my bffl (best friends for life) is coming to visit this weekend and it is going to be awesome.
  7. Another topic mulling around in my head: What are my dreams/goals and what am I doing about them? How do they fit in with my new role of motherhood? What are the things that if I don’t pursue now, I’ll regret in 20 years? What am I spending my time on that I shouldn’t be? No answers yet. 😉

Well, that’s all for now. Just checking in from happy + tired new baby land. 🙂


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