Dear Child,

I haven’t been keeping much of a journal or writing letters to you all throughout the pregnancy. I have been trying to take a picture each week but even that is hit or miss. Bad mom, I guess? But I realized on Sunday that there is something I hope you always know.

You have a great father and he loves you so incredibly much.

You should have seen the pride on his face when he got to stand up and be recognized with the dads at church on Father’s day for the first time. He has loved you from the moment he knew you existed and is pretty sure you are going to be the world’s greatest kid. I can hardly imagine the look on his face when he gets to see you for the first time in a couple months.

I feel pretty sure that he is going to embarrass you with his crazy stories and dad jokes at times, but you can probably blame your grandfather for those (I think he got them from him.)


Like a lot of first time parents, he has big dreams for you and wants to raise you just right. I’m sure some of those things will get adjusted as time goes on but one thing that I hope never changes is how much he wants you to see the importance of our Christian faith. He prays that he can be a worthy father for you every day.

Your dad’s faith isn’t flashy or shallow; it is quiet, firm, and steadfast. It is the kind of faith that gets you through the good days and the bad ones. I hope you know that the way your dad loves you is only a reflection of the love your heavenly father has for you.

Most days I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do at being a mom but the one thing I’ve never been uncertain of is: You have really great dad. 

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