To My Dear Mom Friends…

I’ve talked to a few of you over the past few days, and I’ve seen the weight of the burden that you’re carrying. I can see how hard you’re working at this thing called motherhood. I will join your team soon, but right now I’m on the fence watching from the sidelines and have a different perspective. So I want to say this while I still see it and because I suspect that next year I may need to hear it too.

You’re doing a really really good job.

Yes, you. Yes, I really mean it. This morning as I heard and read messages emphasizing the importance of motherhood, I couldn’t help but think that while those messages intend to be encouraging, they might also make you feel further beat down. I fear that instead of coming away feeling uniquely chosen to do this important job, you felt inadequate and unprepared.

Day in and day out you’ve been giving everything you’ve got but every time you look in the mirror all you can see is failure. That time you snapped at your kids when you didn’t mean to or they asked you to play with them and all you could think about was what you wouldn’t give for a nap. I want you to hear that its okay, you’re okay, just the way you are right here and right now.

We all have room to improve but sometimes what you need to know is that we can see the beauty in your efforts today. There are still hills to climb but take some time today just to rest in the victory what has already been overcome in your motherhood journey.

The life that you’ve given your children is beautiful and guess what – that wouldn’t be possible without YOU.

3 thoughts on “To My Dear Mom Friends…”

  1. Sarah…you’re going to make a whale of a mama to little Baby French Fry. Bless you on your 1st mama to be day!

  2. Beautiful words! Too many mama’s struggle with feeling they are not enough. I pray your words bless those sweet women who are need of this encouragement! Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

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