If Our Walls Could Talk

Time for another round of “If Our Walls Could Talk” which at this point would be more aptly named “Random Things Andy Says” but that’s more fun anyway, right?

A: What we really need to figure out is how to convince William & Mary that the child of two alumni should get free tuition.

A: You know the best way to watch a football game? Sitting on the couch reading a book, so you can look up long enough to see the commercials and get up and down to go to the food table.

A: You’re the Chewbacca to my Han Solo.
S: Why do I have to be Chewbacca?
A: Because I’m Han Solo.

Caption to the above picture: “This is crazy but I’m going to watch Star Trek wearing my Star Wars shirt”

A: What distinguishes a Christmas cookie from a regular cookie?
S: Not much.
A: Is nothing sacred?! *holds up an eggnog cookie recipe*
S: Ok, that one, but I think they are rare.
A: We’ve gone liberal honey. We’re liberal on our Christmas only cookies.

With his new baby, Stihl 90-R.
With his new baby, Stihl 90-R.

A: If you happen to be planning a funeral for me anytime soon make sure you work in the quote, “He puts the fun in funeral!” And make sure there are refreshments. Refreshments are very important.
I’m hoping this is a non-issue.

Addendum by Andy:

I (Andy) am choking on some milk.  Sarah says: “Don’t breathe it!  You’re not a cow!”

While watching the famous television show Full House, Sarah looks at me and says: “Danny Tanner is your spirit animal.”

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