Our Summer in a Hot Minute

I thought it might be a good idea to do a fast recap of our summer before Christmas, or next summer at the rate things are going. 😛 So here it is, our summer in a hot minute.


Summer kicked off with a Memorial Day camp out in Lexington, VA with my family. We got to see Natural Bridge, VA and VMI (and little Sorrel…).

The next weekend we went camping with some of our Med School friends to Jenny Wiley State Park and used our new tent for the first time.


Early in June we hosted a cook-out for some of our med school friends who were still in town for the summer.

Mid-June I found myself presenting at the AICKU Tech Conference with my coworkers.


I drove straight from Springfield, KY to Abingdon, VA where we got to spend a fun weekend with Andy’s family. We biked 30 miles on the VA Creeper Trail. I don’t have any pictures though.

My Mom and Grandparents stopped through to have dinner with us on night in June.


We went to Mt. Washington, KY to visit Andy’s Grandma. While we were there, I got about 7 inches cut off my hair. I think this haircut wins the award for most compliments I’ve ever received on a hair cut, so it might be sticking around. Of course, no pics of family just of my hair; I don’t know what that says…


Somewhere in June we found time to cheer for our friends’ son Stephen during his first summer swim season. He did such a good job for a first time swimmer!




In the beginning of July we found some time to make the trek back to our hometowns to visit family again. This time I don’t have any pictures of our time with my family.

When we were in King George, we picked up my Mom and headed back to KY for our mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Our week in the Dominican was awesome and by far our most restful week of the summer. (That may say something about us…) It was also the first time I’ve served on a mission trip with my Mom, so that was special.

After we made it back from the Dominican, we slipped away for a quick anniversary trip to a bed and breakfast in the Smokey Mountains. I don’t have any pictures of the room or the breakfast, which is a real shame because both were excellent. The breakfast was amazing. I have a feeling we will find time to go there again while we live in Pikeville. It was that good.



2 countries, 3 states, 10 cities. We saw both sets of our parents twice, all 6 of our grandparents within one week, all of our siblings and their significant others at least once, and a pretty good number of aunts, uncles and cousins.  I guess that’s how you make the most of your husband’s last summer vacation. It was awesome, really fun, and I’d likely do it all over again. However, we were worn out by the end of it making the normalcy of school a welcome relief. I would say that we won’t go that hard again in a summer but who am I kidding…

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