Our 30 Minutes of Fame

Wow, it’s been almost a month since my last post but in the blog silence we’ve been enjoying our summer. Andy and I joke that we’ll be glad for school to start because it forces us to be less busy. In the past month, we’ve visited family in 3 different cities and 2 different states, took an early anniversary trip to an incredible bed and breakfast (you should go, best french toast I’ve ever eaten and they run deals on Groupon and livingsocial a lot), and traveled to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with Andy’s school.

Right now, Andy has a little over a week before school returns and I have two weeks left in my summer classes so check back for more regular updates in two weeks but I wanted to pop in quickly to share an update in the form of an interview. After we got back from the mission trip, one of the people in PR asked if Andy and I would do an interview about the mission trip for the University’s TV show on the local station. It always feels weird to hear your own voice recorded, but all in all I think it went pretty well. Consider it a teaser for a more substantive debrief to come later.

So for now, enjoy! and happy summer! 🙂

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