It Will Still Be There…

Every time I read the title this song starts playing in my head…

… just me? Ok, back to the actual topic of this post.

Things were a little hectic around our house for a week or so when we got back from Colorado. We came in at 12:30am Sunday night/Monday morning, dropped our bags, went to bed and were back out the door to be at school/work by 8am. One day that week I was telling our office manager about the mess at our house.

She responded by saying, “Don’t worry about the mess, it will still be there when you’re ready to clean it up.”

The truth in her statement really struck me. The fact that we worry about the little things that aren’t going away. When she said it, it was clear that she didn’t mean that she thought people should keep a dirty or messy house but that keeping a clean house isn’t the most important thing. She says this same phrase to her daughters who have small children when they complain about their houses being messy with toys.

Granted, you could talk to Andy and find out that I don’t need any support delaying housekeeping…

Sometimes in our lives, there are things we want to get done that are good and even important but get crowded out by essential things. In the most extreme cases, this could mean that education gets neglected because all of one’s time has to be spent procuring food. In my life in modern first world America, this looks like not scrapbooking or blogging or working on computery things for fun because work and school are more important right now. (For example, it took me three months to finish this post.) Our world often makes it seem as if we have to do EVERYTHING Right! Now! However, what is more important is that we trust God to show us which things will still be there when we’re ready to get to them and the things that won’t last. Give us wisdom, Lord.

“Don’t worry about anything, what you will eat or drink or what you will will wear, your heavenly father knows that you need them.” (from Matt 6:31-32)

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