25th Birthday Party: The Surprisee’s Perspective

As you read in the previous post, Andy went all out for my birthday. I could act humble and say that it was way more than I wanted but let’s be serious, it was everything I’ve always wanted. I’m not selfless or holy enough to wish people would just make a big deal of Jesus and not a big deal of me. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but I’m not there yet. I mean I want people to love and know God but I’m still working on the whole crucifying my pride thing.

All of that to say, it was exactly what I wanted and he knew it.

He had built it up for me not to expect much because his last big test day of the semester was the day after my birthday. It would have been fine if that was the way things went, but what actually happened was so much better. Not only did he give me a surprise party, he just went all out for several days. It was a surprisingly humbling experience. I realized that I hardly give him enough credit for how well he knows me. After just the first present on the morning of my birthday, the first thing I said to him was, “You really do get me!” Beyond being a humbling experience it was just incredible overall to have someone understand me so well and use that knowledge to make my life awesome.

On my actual birthday (the day before his test, so I wasn’t expecting anything) I had a present waiting for me when I woke up and I thought that was going to be all. Then, I got home from work to find him making dinner for me. A dinner that he thought I’d love… aka macaroni and cheese with bacon in it, honey pepper chicken and apple sauce. I did love it. At that point, I thought that was the surprise.

The morning of my actual birthday… when I was clueless and already impressed by his creativity. I had no clue how true that tweet was going to be. Also, that is a map of VA with hearts on both of our hometowns and on the place where we met.

We had decided that we would celebrate my birthday the day of his test, and when he picked me up from work, he said that we had dinner reservations at 6:30 but I could open my presents before dinner. I thought that sounded great, but when we got home, well, you know what happened. And it was awesome. For the first 20 minutes or so, I didn’t really know what to do because I was so surprised.

Two of our friends videoed the main event, so you can watch that below.

Andy said he didn’t get a picture of the cake but luckily I had enough sense to snap a quick photo of the masterpiece.

20140603-202811-73691500.jpgHow awesome does that cake look?!? And it tasted even better. 

Things didn’t stop with the surprise party. It was the main event, but I also got two more presents that night, homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast a few days later, and lastly the blog post that you saw a few days ago. After all of that, I think he’d be justified in skipping the next few birthdays. He keeps telling me that he doesn’t want much for his birthday but that hardly seems right after all he did for me.

I love you and my birthday was everything I’d always wanted. Thanks for loving me so well.

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