mom2Everybody’s got one but not everyone has a good one. I am one of those people that got blessed with a good one. But I don’t think I really started to appreciate how good a Mom she was and is until the past few years. I’ve always loved her, but I wasn’t able to understand how much goes into being a mom until adulthood and I’m sure I won’t really get it until I’m actually a mom myself.

mom3When I came out on the other side of those teenage years where it feels like your Mom (and everyone else) just doesn’t get you, I realized that my Mom is really caring and kind. Ever since I left for college 7 years ago (yikes has it really been 7 years?!) she has written me a letter at least once a week, every week and still does. Not just anybody does that, you know?

She also worked really hard to be an available Mom. When we were little she would work the night shift at the hospital, then come home get a little bit of sleep before taking care of us all day while Dad was at work. As soon as she was able to, she got a job as a school nurse so she would have the same schedule that we did and had the summers off with us.

Those are just two of the things that have made me realize how awesome my Mom is now that I’m in the real world, balancing those things myself without kids!

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. ❤

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