Spring Breakin’ in Colorado

At 12:30am on Monday morning, we returned from a 5 day getaway to Colorado Springs over Andy’s spring break. The American Academy of Osteopathy was having their annual Convocation there this year. One of the clubs Andy is in was going and I thought it sounded like a great thing to tag along on. We have 4 dear friends from college that live within 2 hours of CO Springs, and it was wonderful to get to spend some time with them. You may remember my skiing buddy Caitie as one of the people who got an honorable mention in Chapter One of the Love Story.

Both times that I have been to Colorado have been delightful. Highlights of this trip included:

  • Garden of the Gods – A really cool park with incredible views that you can drive through (you can also walk, bike and horseback ride through it). We felt a bit like the stereotypical lazy Americans because we drove through it while eating fast food because we only had a short amount of time on Andy’s lunch break to check it out. Despite feeling super lazy, I was so thankful that it was set up in a way that we could really enjoy it in a short amount of time. The pictures hardly do it justice.
  • Olympic Training Center – We checked this out because on our free day it was really really cold and we didn’t want to do anything outside. I am so glad that we did! One really cool thing about the US Olympic Training Center is that the traditional Olympic team and the Paralympic team are treated equally there. Both teams live and train there and are both considered part of TEAM USA. Also, I didn’t realize how much of an emotional connection/American pride I have for the US Olympic team until I teared up watching the intro video. While I belong the Kingdom of God first, I love me some USA.
  • Eating Perogies in Manitou Springs – I have no photo evidence but we took a chance on a restaurant because we were really cold and really hungry and it totally paid off! One of the restaurant’s specialties was homemade perogies. Andy and I were skeptical so we got a hamburger and meat perogies to share. In the end we decided we should have both gotten the perogies because they were delicious. Really, so good! (and I’m really picky).
  • Skiing – Andy had no interest in skiing so one day while he was busy doing doctor-y things, Caitie and I went skiing. It was awesome! The weather was perfect, the crowds were light, and the slopes were awesome. Cross that one off the bucket list!

It was wonderful to get away just the two of us for a bit. Monday morning was a little rough because of our late arrival home, but totally worth it! On the way home from the trip we discussed a new life goal: visit all 50 states as a couple. Totally doable. One down, 40+ to go.

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