The Last Day of Paleo February

Today concludes our first ever Paleo February. I’ll try not to steal too much thunder from Andy’s wrap up post that’ll be up sometime after his big exam on Monday but I think it was a success. Although Andy wasn’t convinced by my “It’s already March in China, so let’s eat some mac & cheese” plea at lunch today, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to celebrate non-Paleo March in style tomorrow.

He’s been excitedly texting me all day about tomorrow’s breakfast where we’re going to make a variation of this recipe – a.k.a. pancakes with ice cream on top. Whether we’re eating healthy or making breakfast, go hard or go home is apparently our family food motto.

In honor of February 2013 – the month where we were out of water for 6 days, ate paleo most of the time, it snowed at least once a week, and I beat my record for most blog posts published in a month – I’ll conclude with my favorite snow pictures that I took this month. They were taken around 6:30am and I love the way the camera captured the colors of the sunrise.

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