Watching Men Be Boys

Two things happened as the catalyst for this post. 1) We got a new camera for Christmas 2) Andy and I got to hang out with his friend Jon while we were at his parents house.

Jon is a friend that Andy made on the playground in elementary school. If I remember the story correctly, they bonded while making mud balls during recess. Initially that school year, Andy just played by himself making mud balls while everyone else played soccer. At some point Jon decided to befriend Andy and join him in the mud ball making. I’m pretty sure Andy still has one of the dried mud balls in his boxes of special things.

When we met up with Jon is was my first chance to try out our new camera. One of the things I’d love to be able to do is tell a story with my pictures. I don’t really have a desire to learn the technical side of photography (surprisingly) but I’d love to have a good eye for photo composition. Being able to take pictures at an event that someone could look at and read the story without having to write any words. So, this was my first attempt. How do you think I did?

While we were on the trail I tried my hand at some nature shots. I don’t think they are anything special, but I was really impressed with how much more detail you could see in the photos compared to our point and shoot.

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