If Our Walls Could Talk

So this installment of quotes just features Andy. I guess that’s one of the luxuries of being the person who records the quotes… 😉

Andy: Good News!
Sarah: What?
Andy: I thought I had eaten all of the candy apple, but I realized that I dropped some of the candy coating on my pants! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Taking a nap with his favorite dog at his parent's house over Christmas
Taking a nap with his favorite dog at his parents’ house over Christmas

Andy: I’m trying to stay optimistic about the new Star Wars movies. Hopefully they don’t ruin everything we’ve worked for.
Sarah: What?
Andy: The canon that has been carefully built up over the years.

After I realized I had missed showing up for jury duty…
Would you bail me out of jail?
Sarah: You wouldn’t bail me out!?!
Andy: Sheepish grin… Would you want me to? Bail can be expensive.
Sarah: But it’s just for missing jury duty!
Andy: You do the crime you do the time.

Andy: It’s always a shock to the system when I remember everyone in the world doesn’t think like me.

Andy walking home at the height of the snow storm last week
Andy walking home at the height of the snow storm last week.

Andy: Do you think I have a shoe problem?
Sarah: No.
Andy: I think I’m shoe obsessed.
Sarah: How many pairs do you have?
Andy: 17… 19 if you count my slippers.
Sarah: You’re fine.

Having a conversation about how Andy may be losing it due to med school studying…
Sarah: Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.
Andy: You could get me a pony… walrus… a ponrus! or a walrony!
Sarah: Yeah, I’m definitely getting you out of the house this weekend.

The next morning after the above conversation immediately upon waking up…
Andy: It was the Kwanzaa snake!!
Sarah: ???

It was just further confirmation that he needed to get out of the house which meant he had to free one of our cars from the driveway. (You can watch a few seconds of the epic quest below.) 🙂

This edition of If Our Walls Could Talk is brought to you
by a link up at Rosie’s.

7 thoughts on “If Our Walls Could Talk”

  1. Okay, 17 pairs of shoes IS a lot for a guy!!! He’s such a funny man – you guys must have such a blast together!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

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