Back to School!

Today is Andy’s first day back at school after an awesome Christmas break. I went back to work last Thursday. We spent most of the break in Virginia visiting our families, and when we came back to KY we brought 9 of our college friends with us for New Year’s. It was a lot of fun. You can see some of the pictures from our visit with friends above.

It seemed like this break felt more relaxing than other Christmases have. I don’t know if it was a busier semester than usual, or just that we were really able to relax more than past years. Probably a bit of both. Although this season of life is busy, we are much more settled than we have been for a while. Of course, we have no idea where residency will take us, but we know where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing for the next few years, and that’s more than we’ve been able to say since we graduated college!

Our break was fun, by the end of it I was ready to be back on the normal schedule. As is typical for me, I’m hoping to be more focused and use my time better in the upcoming year. Andy came home from class today saying that he thinks it will be harder than last semester, so it will be interesting to see what med semester 2 has in store for us. I guess our life may seem crazy to some, but it is our normal and we love it.

Happy New Year to those who might be stopping by from Medical Mondays!

Much Love,

4 thoughts on “Back to School!”

  1. Nice that you got to see your families for the holidays and happy 2014! My husband is always on call around Christmas so we just stayed home but were lucky enough to fly to his hometown for thanksgiving. We shall see what being an attending is like holiday wise this year finally woo hoo! Thanks for linking up with medical Mondays!

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