Christmas Peeking Through

It normally takes us a week or so to get all the Christmas decorations put up just where we (mostly me) want them. During that time, a crowd of boxes and tubs takes up residence in our guest bedroom. It makes me feel like Christmas is peeking through the cracks, trying to get out into the rest of the house. Slowly things make their way onto shelves, doors, and walls bringing Christmas cheer into the whole house. (See last year.)

Decorations waiting to get out of the tub.
Decorations waiting to get out of the tub.
Ready to be hung.
Ready to be hung.
Gifts waiting to be wrapped.
Gifts waiting to be wrapped.
Photo Dec 06, 9 41 35 PM

One thing I decided to do this year was have one nativity by the advent wreath is gradually set up throughout the season (i.e. baby Jesus gets added on Christmas and the Wise men show up on Epiphany). Andy didn’t like having the pieces just hidden away so now the shepherd is waiting for the angels while keeping watch over the flock of snowman figurines and the Wise Men are preparing to journey from the East side of the house (a.k.a. the TV).

As Christmas begins peeking through the decor in our home, I am reminded to examine my heart and see if Jesus is also “peeking through” into my heart. What needs to be cleaned out of my life? Are there places that I’ve become complacent and allowed sin to creep back in? (If you’re like me the answer is yes.) No matter how mature we are as Christians, we can always make a little more room for Jesus in our lives. I always find areas of my life that need to (re)consecrated to Christ.

What about you?

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