{DIY} Tulip Wreath

Back in the spring I decided that I wanted to make a wreath for the door of our apartment. Every day I’d walk home past the other duplexes in our complex whose doors were sporting a variety of pretty seasonal wreaths. I pinned a whole bunch of wreath ideas and spent a while being indecisive before I settled on this one that I found over at Bean In Love.

Admittedly, I didn’t have a lot of time to put towards crafts, but my spring break was coming up and I was determined to do something other than school that week and decided that this was going to be it. I don’t have any pictures of the wreath in development, because I ended up making it the night before Andy and I closed on our new house in a hotel room.

If you click over to the tutorial, Sheena gives great detailed instructions. The only thing I added was some ribbon that I wrapped around the wreath after I glued the tulips on. I was hoping for a more multicolored look and to my delight, multicolored bunches of tulips were on sale at Michaels’ the day I went shopping. I found the ribbon in the clearance bin, used a coupon on the grapevine wreath and I was good to go.  In the end, I was pretty thrilled with my creation. It was nice to see some bright spring colors as I walked up to our door.

So maybe in a few months when you’re tired of the cold, you can make one to make your door a little brighter too! 🙂

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