If Our Walls Could Talk

Time for another peek into some of the humorous things that get said around our house…

How I found Andy studying one evening.
How I found Andy studying one evening.

Watching Andy use his new iPad for the first time…
Andy: Oooh.. Ohhh..
Sarah: It’s like watching a caveman discover fire.

Referencing the song I Loved Her First
Andy: I don’t like this song.
Sarah: But it was played at our wedding reception…
Andy: Yeah, and it makes me think: “What if we have daughters who want to get married one day?!”

Watching the father-daughter dance on our wedding video…
Andy: I feel like if we have daughters who want to get married I’m going to have to apologize to your Dad.
Sarah: Why?
Andy: I’ll have to say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing to you.”

Reception Pt. 1 (112 of 148)
Dancing with my Dad at our wedding reception to the aforementioned song.

Andy: You know lichens aren’t organisms on their own, they are a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a bacteria.
Sarah: Like us?
Andy: Kind of. You would be the bacteria and I would be the fungus… because I’m a fungi.

Andy: They were all talking about how much they liked the [guest] preacher.
Sarah: What did you say?
Andy: Well they weren’t talking to me, so I didn’t think it was the right time to jump in with, “I thought his exegesis left something to be desired.” They would have been like, “Who are you? And I’m sure he believes in Jesus.”

That’s all for now!

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