An Ode to my Husband on His 24th Birthday

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Just a slide show of all the pictures of Andy I’ve uploaded to the blog in the past. 

What do I say to my husband…

the man who loves me even though

it can often take me an hour

                                                         or two

                                                                      or three

to eat my small portion of vegetables

                                                                            ….yes, really.

The man who knows more

than I ever realized there was to know about animals

but can also act like them

making me realize that he is both

the smartest

and most ridiculous

person I’ve ever met.

The man who humbles me



when he shows me what it means

to love God and live the Christian life

with both his words and his actions.

The man who works hard to

love me tenderly

lead me gently

and forgive me constantly

as we figure out what living a Godly marriage looks like.


The man I love more than words can say.


Two weeks shy of a year ago today

when we said our vows

you became a husband

and I became a wife

and I couldn’t be happier

that I’m the one who gets to say

Happy Birthday

when you jolt awake to the alarm clock

and then roll over and wake me up

(just being realistic here)

every July 21st

for the rest of our lives.

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