Everyday Life in Pikeville: A Little Bit of Deja Vu


For the two weeks that we’ve been in Pikeville, our days have largely consisted of:

  • Job Searching
  • Unpacking and Organizing the House
  • Making and Eating Really Good Food
  • Going to the YMCA a lot

Sometimes I feel a little like this:


I’ve contemplated what I could write about to describe what it has been like since we’ve been in Pikeville, but I realized that the feelings I would describe would be pretty similar to what I wrote about two years ago when I moved to  Wake Forest. I feel like I could write posts similar to this one or this one about the really good but also hard things that come with moving to a new place and starting over. Hopefully one day soon I’ll also be able to write a post like this one.

A highlight of the past few days is that we’ve gotten to spend some good times with our families. We were able to go on a short camping trip with my family.

Tubers at waterfalls

Andy’s Mom and Grandma were passing through on their way to see some other family in Kentucky and were able to spend the night with us last night.

Andy and I with his Grandma at the overlook.
Andy and I with his Grandma at the overlook.

So all and all, life here is pretty darn good. Although a few prayers that one of the many employers I’ve submitted an application to might consider me employable still wouldn’t hurt.  🙂

Much Love,

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura French says:

    You are infinitely employable and some lucky employer is bound to realize your talents very soon!

  2. MOM says:

    Thoughts & prayers for the job God has for you to come to your attention! Luv ya!

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