The Goodbyes Have Begun

I’m starting to emerge from the cave of finals – hooray! May has been a busy month finishing up school, and will continue to be full as we prepare to move to KY in 16 days. Yikes! The goodbyes have already started. As the semester has drawn to a close, I have said goodbye to some of my good Seminary friends who have seen me through many a class.

Although we are really excited about our new house and Andy being able to go to school, it is going to be bittersweet to leave Wake Forest. We have loved it here, both the area and our apartment here. When we got back from purchasing our home in KY, I was excited but realized it will be a little sad to leave the place where all of our first married memories were made. So I thought it would be fun to memorialize my favorite things about our first home.

My Five Favorites – First Married Home Edition

  1. Our next door neighbors – We live in a duplex, so we have more interaction with our neighbors than you might have in a regular house or apartment. We share internet with them and they kindly had us over for dinner after we moved in. Although I think we’re going to miss their son Timothy the most. When we were unloading our things the day after we got back from the honeymoon, he was so excited to have neighbors again. He even made us the note pictured below. For a while we had the world’s longest game of battleship going with him because he could only come over to play for a few minutes here and there. I don’t know what our neighbors are going to be like at our new house but I’m going to miss looking out the window and seeing a Timothy racing around in his Mr. Incredible costume or racing his dog (actually just a stick – no pets allowed in our housing) around the house.DSCN2488
  2. The backyard – We certainly haven’t really taken advantage of it, but we have a great backyard here. Through the trees is a 9 hole golf course (Arnold Palmer’s home course in college). I think if we were going to stay here longer we would enjoy some hammock time and dinners out there this summer.Sunny
  3. Our first kitchen experiments – Something that we’ve had a lot of fun with this year is trying new recipes and learning to cook together. Hopefully this will continue in our new house, but this kitchen holds a lot of fun memories, both hilarious failures and epic successes.DSCN2486
  4. Our love notes – This is something that will hopefully continue in the next house too, but I love getting home and seeing Andy’s Welcome Home note that he put up for when we got home from the honeymoon and the other little “I love you” notes stuck around the house. They are often a good reminder when I’m having a crummy day.DSCN2484
  5. It is the first place we’ve called “ours” – In the end, there isn’t much that beats being able to call a place “ours” for the first time. I know that when I think about our time in Wake Forest, I will always cherish the love and memories that we made in this place.906957_10151343919931073_516422299_o

Much Love,

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