A Major Award!

Lots of exciting things happening around our house this week and next week. Next Thursday we’ll be in Pikeville on the eve of purchasing our very first house, so I won’t get a PHFR post up, but I should have plenty to share two weeks from now. 😀



Kristen, the beautiful bride-to-be, and I after her bridal shower this past Saturday. Kristen and I are friends from high school and I was so excited that she decided to have her bridal shower in NC, because that meant that I was able to go. I had such a good time meeting her friends and family and celebrating her upcoming wedding.



We’re kicking my Spring Break off right this weekend with a visit from Austin and Philip, our good friends from college and Andy’s college roommates and groomsmen. Since Andy and I started dating the same year that they started rooming together, I was a frequent visitor to their room and they dubbed me the “honorary roommate”.



After the bridal shower, I walked around downtown New Bern with some of Kristen’s college friends and found out that New Bern’s mascot is the bear. Bern means bear and is part of their crest created by the European colonists. They seem to be pretty proud of their bears as they are all over downtown. Most of the bears look pretty friendly, but these bears on city hall (which is the way they are depicted on the crest) were pretty intense. I thought the serious tongue action was pretty funny.



Lastly, but certainly not least, It’s a Major Award! I’ve chronicled some of Andy’s eBay selling adventures in earlier PHFR posts. Well, he reached the prestigious level of Blue Star seller when he made his 50th sale this week. He was pretty proud. Ebay even emailed him a certificate, and I’m sure that they don’t do that for everyone. It’s a major award after all. He decided to post it on the door to the office where all of his big business deals go down. When I went to take a picture of him with the award, he even put his suit coat on over his William and Mary t-shirt for the proud occasion. I’m sure it is an achievement that we’ll treasure for years to come. 😉

Much Love,

round button chicken

4 thoughts on “A Major Award!”

  1. Ha, the tongues on those bears are hilarious. Anna says “no lickey [doggy/daddy/etc]” all the time, so all I can think of is “no lickey bears!” I can’t wait to hear about your house hunt/find. How exciting and stressful and wonderful!

    1. haha, I love that, “no lickey bears!” I hope to post about the house hunt, etc. but its going to have to wait until finals are over. 🙂

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