A Post Meant for Thursday

I tried to post this yesterday, but I was having issues with WordPress. Sometimes it would load, sometimes it wouldn’t load… so after much frustration, I decided to give up and try again today.


Some pretty things around our house today yesterday.



Andy on his way to take the 14! things that he sold on eBay to the post office to be delivered to their loving new owners.


Last Friday we invited a several of our friends over to play games and we made this chocolate peanut butter cheeseball and some miniature apple pies in preparation. But, no one was able to come, so we ended up eating them all ourselves. Paleo? Not so much. Yummy? Yes.



Although we have lofty goals, trying to implement a new eating plan during Easter break was probably not the best idea. (See above – ;-)). However, I have tried at least 1 bite of 5 different fruits this week. I think that’s a life record for me. So, progress?

Happy Easter!

round button chicken

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