Wedding Recap

Well, this post is long over due. 13 months ago today, I wrote about Andy’s proposal and 6 months ago today we became husband and wife. It is hard to believe that it has already been 6 months. On one hand, it seems like the time has gone really fast and on the other, being married has been so natural that it is hard to believe that we used to live differently.

This ended up being a crazy-long post with mostly pictures, but I think it gives a good recap, and I hope you enjoy.



I wore my Mom’s veil, earrings my paternal Grandmother gave me for high school graduation, and the necklace that my maternal Great Grandfather gave my Great Grandma on their wedding day.

First Look (39 of 110)

Waiting for me for the first look.

First Look (48 of 110)

First Look (62 of 110)

Family (15 of 96)

My whole immediate extended family (if that makes sense…)

Family (46 of 96)

Our parents and grandparents – a special picture because Andy’s Grandpa passed away this past January.

Family (67 of 96)

Andy’s extended family.
(Can you guess which side of our family is Catholic? ;))

Bridal Party (80 of 96)

Our dear friends & family, our wedding party.

Bridal Party (76 of 96)

Bridal Party (25 of 96)

Ceremony Pt 1. (17 of 87)

Praying for me and making me cry before the ceremony.

Ceremony Pt 1. (38 of 87)

A quick pre-ceremony picture with my Mom.

Ceremony Pt 1. (83 of 87)

Ceremony Pt 1. (86 of 87)

Ceremony Pt. 2 (15 of 131)

Ceremony Pt. 2 (29 of 131)

We each asked two people who had been important spiritual mentors to us to light candles for us as part of our unity candle ceremony.

Saying our vows

Vows part 1 with our Baptist Pastor

Ceremony Pt. 2 (76 of 131)

Vows part 2 with the Priest – we had an ecumenical ceremony.

Ceremony Pt. 2 (112 of 131)

When Andy found out that our friends that were doing the music and I had surprised him by playing the theme song for Rocky (one of Andy’s favorite movies) for the recessional. He loves movie soundtracks and had asked to have some of those songs in the wedding but I said no… and then we surprised him anyway. Win.

Ceremony Pt. 2 (116 of 131)

Right After the Ceremony

Reception Pt. 1 (54 of 148)

Reception Pt. 1 (53 of 148)

Our centerpieces that I made with help from friends and family.

Reception Pt. 1 (18 of 148)



Reception Pt. 1 (69 of 148)

Our first dance to this song.

Reception Pt. 1 (112 of 148)

Reception Pt. 1 (120 of 148)


All of our BCM friends that were able to come. We love them.

Leaving our reception


We could never thank all of the people – paid, unpaid, friends, family – for everything they did to make our wedding wonderful. So many people pitched in to help out who didn’t have to. Everything turned out wonderful and most importantly, we were successfully married and are still married! Yay!

But, here are some of the ones that have businesses and I’m sure would love your support:

photo      imagine      lavender

Much Love,

p.s. If you are someone who would like to get one of the wedding pictures – you can buy them online here.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Recap”

  1. These photos are so sweet, joyful, and lovely! I had a similar color scheme and made my own candle centerpieces as well. Happy Anniversary! Marriage is a beautiful sacrament. 🙂

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