{P}ikeville {H}as {F}unny {R}oads

So, today we’re in Pikeville, KY.

We came out here to try to find a place to live when we move this summer. I came up with the title for this blog post a few days ago, just thinking it was a funny play on PHFR, but it ended up being truer than we expected.




The snow we got in Wake Forest a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in this baby snowman in our front yard made by the kids next door. 🙂



This time when we got a pizza in Pikeville, it came with cheese!
(Unlike our last experience…)


The next door neighbors to a house we looked at were still rocking this awesome satellite dish.

{real} DSCN1922

Pikeville does have a lot of funny little winding roads up the mountain through neighborhoods. You can’t really tell from the picture, but this is one of those roads. We’re not exactly sure how people move in and out here, but we think a U-Haul might fall off the edge of the road. I guess it will be an adventure…

Much Love,

round button chicken

2 thoughts on “{P}ikeville {H}as {F}unny {R}oads”

  1. I always have anxiety attacks on hilly roads, trying to figure out stuff like how they built the houses, moved the stuff up there, etc. Why? It’s not up to me!! 🙂 Thanks for joining!

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