Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: A New Blog Adventure

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thing about why I have a blog, should I have a blog, and what I should post on the blog. I read back through my archives (they aren’t very long, so this wasn’t a hard task) and noticed that my blog topics had made a general shift from life updates to spiritual thoughts, and started thinking about bringing a life update trend back. However, I still wasn’t really sure what to post about. I wanted to bring a little more about our day-to-day goings on back to the blog, but what is there to say? Our daily life is fun but not necessarily blog-worthy (and time is limited).

Anyway, (getting closer to the point now) I happened upon this link-up challenge series where you post a “pretty, happy, funny, and real” picture and possibly story each Thursday with the goal of sharing your contentment in everyday life. I really like the idea behind it and it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of effort, so I think I’m going to give it a go. I’m going to try to keep up with it and post every Thursday, but we’ll see how it goes, and if I miss one, no big deal. So, now on to the actual “pretty, happy, funny, real” items.


Andy, Me, Sydney, & Evan at Chichen Itza
Andy, Me, Sydney, & Evan at Chichen Itza

Almost 2 weeks ago we were at the Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza, with Andy’s siblings. It was part of a big family vacation Andy’s parents had planned. Unfortunately, they had to stay home because of a family emergency, so we made Flat Stanley versions of them so they could still be part of the fun.



One of my fellow students brought some hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts to class this morning. At the end of class, no one wanted to take the extras so I brought them home for Andy and I to share. Win. 🙂

Christmas Mountain

Two things get put in the happy category this week because the Christmas decorations have been taken down. I love our decorations, but it is nice to have them put away and organized. Truthfully, I can’t take credit for any of it, Andy did all of the work, and for that I am really thankful.



Every time we’ve gone to our parents’ houses recently, Andy has been looking for things in our rooms to bring home to sell on eBay. He has brought home some pretty random things that most people would just throw away or donate, but sometimes they sell. For instance, he got ~$10 for some old Burger King Teletubbie toys, crazy! After our most recent visit to his room, he brought home what I think is the funniest thing to sell so far – his collection of neopets magazines. I didn’t even know these existed. So far no buyers, but if you’re interested….


DSCN1839This week I’m taking a 1 week J-term class (Counseling Theory), so that has meant class from 8-5 every day. It is nice because you get a 3 credit semester long course done in a week, but at the same time you have a semester’s worth of work to get done in a little over a week. It has been a good class though and I really like the professor, which makes a huge difference. I had to make a presentation today on the counseling theory of Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, so I’m glad that’s behind me. 🙂

Well, that’s all for  this week. Next week is the first week of the new semester, so it will be pretty busy, but hopefully I’ll get another post up.

Much Love,

round button chicken

2 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: A New Blog Adventure”

  1. Thanks so much for joining! Love your post! You are very lucky to have someone put away the decorations. That job is so challenging to me!

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