He’s Gonna Marry Me

On December 31, 2011 a paradigm shift happened in my world. I went from a girl with a boyfriend who might get married one day to a girl with a fiance. Yes, that was a very complicated way of saying that Andy and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

Many people have asked me how it happened, so I figured a blog post would be the best way to share the story.

I was at Andy’s house visiting him and his family for New Year’s. On Friday (the day before New Year’s Eve), he suggested that we take a walk on High Bridge Trail the next morning. When we got to the trail, the part that Andy wanted us to walk on was closed for construction. Andy said that we should walk on it anyway. I was nervous about going past a no trespassing sign, but I figured that walking was pretty harmless. Eventually we got to a large no trespassing fence that I was certain we should not try to go past. (However, I think Andy briefly considered it.) So, Andy told me to turn around and act like I was climbing over the fence for a picture. After the “picture” was taken, I turned around and Andy was standing there with the ring box and asked me to marry him. I said yes.

I was totally surprised. I had no idea that he had a ring (which he had to drive 4+ hours to pick up the day before because the jeweler did not ship it in time.) I have wanted to marry Andy for a while, but couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he actually proposed. The proposal was just right. There was not a lot of fanfare, just me & him on the trail. The ring was(is) just right. Simple and beautiful. After he proposed, we got to spend about a half an hour out there by ourselves just savoring the moment. It was wonderful.

Andy’s original plan was to propose on or near the actual High Bridge of High Bridge Trail (which is apparently very pretty), but it is being worked on, so he got as close as he could. The bridge is supposed to reopen soon, so we might walk out there and take some pictures when it does. As we were walking back to the car (and out of the no trespassing area), the park police stopped us and asked us if we had gone past the fence. We said yes, and explained the situation, so luckily the park policeman let us off the hook. 😉

As we get started on wedding planning, I know it will be easy to lose focus on what matters. I have a feeling that wedding planning, and the compromises it entails is going to be a big growing experience. I am going to try very hard to keep my focus on Christ, serving Him, and the fact that at the end of the planning I will get to marry my love.

Me with the No Trespassing Sign
Right after Andy proposed
Me shocked/surprised/excited
Reenactment of Andy with the ring

Much Love,

14 thoughts on “He’s Gonna Marry Me”

  1. Yay! Congratulations! Good luck with the wedding plans…it’s crazy, but fun and you’re right– in the end, you still get to marry your love, so it’s all good!

  2. Is the title of this post from Dolly Parton’s song in Sweet Home Alabama, by any chance? Again, congrats! 🙂

    1. Anyway, I wish you many happy long years, and I hope that you find marriage every bit as wonderful and exciting as God intended from the very beginning. May your days be fruitful, your home welcoming, your bedroom exciting (= P), your fights loving, your agreements passionate, your conversation salted with joy, your quiet times sweetened with peace, your awkward moments lightened with laughter, your frustrations overcome by the power of God, and your life together long and wonderful!

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